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Root Console

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Take a look at this amazing sideboard/console! Handcrafted from a real 100-year-old Teak Root, this statement piece is guaranteed to be the center of attention.

Roots like these grow deep underground into the Indonesian soil, creating an extremely solid and durable piece of furniture with an undeniably unique look.

Root furniture is extremely limited due to their natural and legal rights, they are only allowed to be used once the tree is over 100 years old and dies, then we are able to carefully source and create this furniture. These are the first roots we have had available in over 12 months!

Delivery 2-10 business days.
The product seen is the one you will receive.
Glass is included with the root.

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  • All our furniture is finished completely by hand to achieve a unique an individual look.

  • We work with the 'King of Wood' for its distinctive wood grain & extreme durability.

  • If you don't trust us, trust them! We have worked hard to build a reputable business and would love you to be our next impressed customers.

Teak = Luxury

Did you know Teak wood is used in yachts & Rolls-Royce interiors? It's the 'King of Wood' for a reason

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