About Us

Teak Bros USA is the exclusive brand of young aspiring Ibiza designers.

We offer unique and affordable quality furniture, yet also specializes in the complete design of restaurants, hotels, spas, bars, residencies and offices.

The company values combine the exceptional work of our craftsmanships and the aesthetic research and creativity of the twin brothers designs.

Teakbros USA's furniture line is entirely manufactured under strict supervision from our well trained staff in its factories based Indonesia.


Teak Bros USA recognizes the importance of minimizing the impact of our manufacturing activities on the environment.

We take our commitment to the environment very seriously.

We conduct our business in ways that protect the environment and demonstrate good stewardship of our world natural resources.

For all of our products we use cultivated teak originating from properly managed government controlled teak plantations which are socially and environmentally beneficial, all production is also strictly supervised by well trained staff in its factories based in Indonesia.

Timber Legality Assurance System (known as SLVK in Indonesia) referring to FLEGT regulation is our standard certification.


Build our products

All our products are created by the ingenious & creative teak brothers, although still young they have created incredible designs and decorations for most of the very famous people who own houses on the island of Ibiza.

This expert team has the know how and determination to face any design challenge to deliver a product that’s as inimitable as it is beautiful..

Their goal is to assimilate their designs into any environment and any decoration as naturally, tastefully and efficiently as possible.



To guarantee the best quality of Teak we use an old Indonesian trick in which we individually submerge each wooden plank in a liquid solution of Ciranova oil for up to a month, during which the wood absorbs the oil increasing its density, making it more durable and resistant.

This combination of the use of the best available wood, Teak, and a treatment created by experts guarantees us the production of highly spectacular tables.

Ciranova is a special 100% bio-friendly protective oil used to protect the table from harsh weather conditions and serves as pest repellent.


After launching our first USA operated Teak Furniture store in 2019, we were very quickly put to the test and compared with 142 top furniture stores in Tucson with a much longer history in this city.

After months of comparing and investing we were picked as one of the 12 best furniture stores in Tucson in 2019 & 2020.

Their official article can be read here