Teak Bros Luxury Furniture

We pride ourselves on the handcrafted work of our furniture, working only with solid Teak wood for its eye-catching wood grain and irreplicable feel.

Teak Bros Popularity

With the many downfalls COVID has brought to all our lives we have all started appreciating the value of high-quality goods, this created a huge surge in order volume for us, most of our deliveries are scheduled for December 2021 or January 2022, this is also caused by our process of hand finishing all our furniture to really expose the beauty and value of our Teak furniture

Boat Turned Table

We are extremely proud to present our Boat Table, handcrafted from wood sourced from a fisherman's boat in Bali, Indonesia. This reclaimed wood creates a rustic feel and exotic look to leave all your guests impressed by your new dining table.

  • All our furniture is finished completely by hand to achieve a unique an individual look.

  • We work with the 'King of Wood' for its distinctive wood grain & extreme durability.

  • If you don't trust us, trust them! We have worked hard to build a reputable business and would love you to be our next impressed customers.